Dec 17, 2008
National March for Sex Worker Rights - International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers
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 European Conference on Sex Work, Human Rights, Labour and Migration

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This website contains academic, political and occupational safety/health information about sex work. For sex education and explicit materials, for those over 21, visit these links:

My Friends, Queer Porn Artists


Recent Issues:

July 2008-San Francisco Ballot Measure to Stop Enforcement of Laws Against Prostitutes and Clients

On The Issues: The Progressive Woman's Magazine (story by BAYSWAN director, Carol Leigh)

Whores-Eye-View: Hypocrisy exposed! Randall Tobias, Bush appointee, administrator of agency that condemns prostitution, caught in prostitution scandal!

BAYSWAN Director, Carol Leigh receives CREATIVE WORK FUND AWARD

Human and Civil Rights Campaign to Oppose New Federal Anti-Prostitution Law

European Sex Workers' Conference, October 2005: Human Rights Documents  download pdf or  visit website

Bush Administration Demands Anti-Prostitution Loyalty Oath

Massage Parlor Busts in Califorina

Critiques of Swedish Prostitution Law

Trafficking Policy Research Project

Background materials: Efforts to stop use of condoms as evidence against prostitutes

SWOP Campaign to Decriminalize Prostitution &  Berkeley Initiative to Decriminalize Prostitution


Last Gasp presents
Webmistress, Leigh's book
Unrepentant Whore:
Collected Works of Scarlot Harlot

$pread Magazine, Illuminating the Sex Industry featuring articles by and about sex workers.



"Dedicated to creating excellence amongst organizations and advocates working with sex workers in the United States."
"Building local and regional leadership and constructive activism among sex workers to advocate for sex workers'human, labor and civil rights."

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  The San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution Final Report    

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